bridge from below banned

As it stands, at least the upcoming Mythic Championship IV later this month won't have the shadow of the Hogaak Bridgevine deck looming over it. Izzet Phoenix got a new toy in Aria of Flame that let it completely duck the graveyard hate that it had previously been susceptible to, which was good, because the best deck in the format became known as Hogaak Bridgevine, and it operated nearly entirely out of the graveyard. It would at least be a good idea on Wizards' part to address the card - either it is on their watchlist or it is embedded as part of the format, but it would be nice to know where the thinking is on a card that is clearly so much more powerful than most of the spells in Modern. In order to take the deck down a notch, Bridge From Below has been banned in Modern. In addition to all the points I'm seeing raised in this thread, I'd recommend searching for videos of Extended or Legacy Dredge in action (pre-Hogaak to see how it's explosiveness without him as enabler). So in that regard, something of value has been lost: A card that provides a clear paoyff to sacrificing creatures, it could have been an important card in enabling an aristocrats-playstyle on the competitive level. It is a terrible design that only leads to awful play patterns. Here's the team's rationale: "Our goal is not to eliminate graveyard strategies from the Modern metagame, but rather to weaken this version of the graveyard combo archetype that has prove too powerful for other decks to reasonably adapt to. Related: Magic: The Gathering Needs A Modern Ban Desperately, But It's Not Hogaak. Bridge from Below from Ultimate Masters for . I was checking out the results from that survey posted on this sub a few days ago and completely shocked by how many people are in favor of it remaining banned. Core Set 2020 is almost out, Bridge From Below bites the dust, and Arena gets an update to the Mastery system. Corpse Knight is a 2/2 creature and does not have three toughness. The winner? Hogaak was the card crucial to the success of the deck because it's power made chumping it impossible, creating much more inevitability than a few tokens that can get outclassed and where killing an opposing creature removes the value engine. The format in both? Thanks for this comment, really helped explain my confusion. Sunday’s tournament in Brussels featured five members of the Magic Pro League: Martin Juza, Piotr Glogowski, Marcio Carvalho, Christian Hauck, and Jean Emmanuel Depraz., — (@Play_MTG_eu) July 7, 2019. When that happens we'll just have to reban Bridge. Zendikar Rising and a first look at the 2021 release calendar headline this week in Magic News.

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