cameron ball valve greasing procedure

Injection of small, amounts of our high-quality, insoluble lubricants will provide proper lubrication of. trailer <]>> startxref 0 %%EOF 63 0 obj <>stream 3. Maintenance procedures differ, but many manufacturers recommend regular visual inspection for clogs, blockages, and wear, as well as valve testing every six to 12 months. If there is no physical damage to the seals this will be all that is required. The cleaning procedure will remove the build-up of contaminants from seal faces, allowing the seat rings to sit down tightly on the ball. 0000003865 00000 n 0000003227 00000 n 100% Guaranteed Service: 800-827-1197Login to VALVKEEP. Tests prove that periodic lubrication with valve cleaner prevents formation of gums and lacquers in valves, preventing costly repairs and down-time. It is the user’s responsibility to examine the individual conditions and set their own maintenance schedule. h�b```f``J���@�����97��80p�`ߴ��,e-sU��Ŝ�8:::@�᪀*�v��\@,�3�AH2�0�2� 0�1�5��`���Р^�������A� ��n?�Y Valves which hang up, are hard-to-turn or do not seal properly usually require cleaning. Suppose this is an isolation valve. %PDF-1.6 %���� Ball valves (in general) are not meant to be greased like plug valves. 0 61 0 obj <>/Filter/FlateDecode/ID[<43BFDCEED8C202ACC059A128D639AF7E>]/Index[48 27]/Info 47 0 R/Length 73/Prev 837719/Root 49 0 R/Size 75/Type/XRef/W[1 2 1]>>stream �x������H1#��y_ �l ��� �f�������x^�B��: ��!! 0000021147 00000 n 0000002485 00000 n Most gases are lethal in high concentrations. i���飪�R;�R������퉉�+�x�Ld쭮�-�8��p*l�/���N�����ZX�ڹpG��P�N n�?�ȉ��ge��*�s��N��0GS�TH�1T`g&�f�iw��������1��K��xt����5�\xN���K�⏵q����Q�,A� �#� �B� 631 0 obj <>/Filter/FlateDecode/ID[<802EE11F821FEB4CA3CACC345703E43A>]/Index[612 56]/Info 611 0 R/Length 100/Prev 202079/Root 613 0 R/Size 668/Type/XRef/W[1 3 1]>>stream S�uA�q��o6( �X/�L�}�%FJ�i�g�U��&U�hv�U�N�U�އ�M^1`�����Z+׫� �̹�Ǚ� ݥ�£k��a:�Q1�soL۠�g��.��!H�2���;�gh?\UX��T�V��I���tm�ŁD}+�� �e��e�ݟ�龧@���O�\P��I-�/�}� �s# k�d(Id�o�{1��E;�U%� [�Vu�ǩ��];�f�����o#�c����F:_-z��6�4\j���� t�k�^�e2�����s5;�]0�`��Fm�����i������B�J��BݏmbT�[�q�e�:>�X��0?F�����e��2 '��/�bj��&�m��T��m��\�A���=���*:��h =�]� Our technicians encounter this type of situation all of the time. 0000002510 00000 n Large inventory of products available for quick shipment. endstream endobj 56 0 obj <>/Length 9/Matrix[1.0 0.0 0.0 1.0 0.0 0.0]/Resources<>>>/Subtype/Form/Type/XObject>>stream Fortunately, these problems, and many others, can easily be avoided by instituting a regular preventative maintenance program. Page 2. Not so. The cleaning procedure will remove the build-up of contaminants from seal faces, allowing the seat rings to sit down tightly on the ball. ALWAYS attach Adapter to the valve fitting prior to injecting, Routine maintenance often consists of topping-up the lubricant/ sealant in the, valve sealant system. 0000017000 00000 n Movement of the ball will help dislodge debris and build-up inside the valve. ��3_�z�����s����,ys���3���� *�@�|��X %PDF-1.6 %���� This process can cause severe valve operational problems. Inject Sealweld® Valve Cleaner Plus then cycle the valve 3 times (if permitted). 2. Cleaning and lubricating a valve, like changing oil in a new car, is a MUST if economical operation and long life are expected. /MWFOForm Do For problem valves, leave the cleaner inside the valve for several days and top-up frequently. Purge the cleaner by injecting an equal amount of lubricant or sealant. -g�mɒl[N �^h�Hlejh�xy�:��H�G��/�����a�����".����~��;/��}�\�~薈�ow=M�����/�z/�d������R���M�os��a|/���U�Ǐi��~\D&�[��K��/�����E����|Xo�7~>&/d�9Z�[��ө��i|��&[? Learn how to properly ‘read’ a high-pressure, sealant injection gauge (mounted on the pump) to help determine when the sealant, The introduction of heavy sealants provides the ability to achieve a reliable, temporary seal even if more serious seal damage has occurred.

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