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This process requires a detailed knowledge of the associated legacy applications. Data Migration Guiding Principles Data Migration Approach Master Data - (e.g. The various data entities will not necessarily be loaded in the same sequence as will be done during the live cutover Trial Cutover: a complete rehearsal of the live data migration process. 0000061744 00000 n trailer If it’s not, how can you create a secure server access? Data Migration Methods There are four primary methods of transferring data from a legacy system into SAP. In this guide, David Katzoff, Managing Director of Valiance Partners, a specialist data migration technology and service provider, outlines a blueprint for designing an effective data migration testing strategy. 0000008166 00000 n Do you have enough team members and are their skills enough to achieve your goal? l aö 7 kd $$If –l Ö ”ÿÜ#€H$ öH$ö ö Ö ÿÖ ÿÖ ÿÖ ÿ4Ö Customer making an application – such as an application for a parking permit. If clever, testing here can also be used to verify that a migration specification’s mappings are complete and accurate. The latest innovations in data migration best-practices and technologies. To help you understand each one better, here are a short description of each one: This specific type of software migration is centered on the merging of the present applications with new ones. 0000064501 00000 n A final set of cleansing actions will come out of trial cutover (for any records which failed during the migration because of data quality issues). 0000002345 00000 n This process is important to be able to accurately estimate the amount of time and effort that the software migration may take. 0000064719 00000 n Using third party software, such as Microsoft Excel, for data staging and manipulating the data manually to fit the required format. It must also be loaded into your system so that the process of extracting and exporting it later on will go smoothly.You may also see marketing project plans. This method will only be used as a last resort as it tends to create a large development overhead and is usually only justified if the volume of such data is very large. Data volumes, data complexity and availability of standard SAP data load programs are all to be considered before deciding between automated or manual load. Mr, Mrs, etc.titleaddr1_data4charM     Name 1 Address component: Name of an address.name1addr1_data40charM     Name 2Address component: Name of an address.name2addr1_data40charM     Name 3Address component: Name of an address.name3addr1_data40charM     Name 4Address component: Name of an address.name4addr1_data40charM     Search term 1Short description for a search help.sort1addr1_data20charO                                                                             Data Migration Strategy FILENAME Data Migration Strategy v1.0.doc DATE \@ "dd/MM/yyyy" 21/05/2013 page PAGE 12 of NUMPAGES 19 Determine the Data Transfer Method For each business object the following choices are available for data transfer: To use the standard SAP data transfer programs. There is a key operational, reporting or legal/statutory requirement. Data Mapping and Transformation This is a manual process where the data fields in the legacy data source are assigned corresponding fields in the SAP system. If an automated testing tool was chosen, it is likely that 100% of the migrated data can be tested here with minimal incremental cost or downtime. Data Sign-off After the migrated data has been reconciled and checked the data loads will be signed-off, the sign-off will act as approval for the go-live of the SAP application. Independence from SAP releases, platforms and the kind of data to be migrated. How many permissions will be required to transfer the data? These so-called experts will work with the leader during every stage of the migration process.You may also see project proposals. Have you prepared communication plans that includes the stakeholders? All of the testing completed prior to the production migration does not guarantee that the production process will be completed without error. Trial Data Upload - Checking After the trial data load run has completed, the data loaded will be checked for accuracy to ensure it meets defined requirements. 0000010628 00000 n Conduct a formal design review of the migration specification when the pre-migration testing in near complete, or during the earliest stages of the migration tool configuration. H�b```f``9�����e� Ȁ �@1V� �Þ�=�� But you must also create a specific boundary to their expectations of the project’s limitations. 0000002202 00000 n 0000006652 00000 n Transactional Data falls into two categories; Open Transaction Data - is transactional data that has not completed its business cycle, for example a service ticket that remains open with additional activities required prior to being closed. The main purpose of this load is to ensure the extract routines work correctly, the staging area transformation is correct, and the load routines can load the data successfully into SAP. Integrity checks are required to ensure the correct data has been extracted, for example, all records are included in the extract, duplicates have not been created etc. Customers, Assets) The approach is that master data will be migrated into SAP providing these conditions hold: The application where the data resides is being replaced by SAP. The data migration strategy consists of the following: 1. These risks should become the basis for the data migration testing strategy. Including the field name, field attributes (e.g. 0000002304 00000 n Should you conduct repairs before you can move forward? Looking at the process through a more strategic lens will also encourage a full organizational appreciation for how much your migration project will impact your enterprise. Getting everyone on the same page is critical, since IT needs to be aware of the strategic goals of your migration project, and business leaders must be mindful of the tactical and operational challenges associated with a project of this scale. The most appropriate method will depend on the volume and complexity of data to be migrated for each data object. In the case where complaint management data is migrated, significantly more upfront analysis will be required to “best fit” the legacy data in the new system. Extract Legacy Data Legacy data is extracted from the legacy systems using software specifically developed for the task using the legacy toolset available, the extracted data is loaded into staging tables and transferred to the data staging area. Data Migration Activities The complexity of data migration demands a process that ensures the accurate and complete transfer of data into the new system from legacy systems. Is this aspect of the security perhaps too lax? Enter your details and we’ll send you the Data Migration Checklist Planner, MindMap and subscription to the Data Migration Pro newsletter*. Therefore a large scale data migration in the traditional sense is not required, only a select few data entities will need to be migrated into CRM. As you may already have gathered, data migration is a complex process. Some of these may initially go undetected. �T��`������4{� �:\���*Ȱ�9��A��A@������ � �����n0���1�O�9�����13�2���h�����Y��������@z���fb? Reconcile the Migrated Data This process checks that the data migrated into SAP meets the specified data requirements. records marked for deletion need not be migrated) OR is required to support another migration. Compliance and business risk plays a significant role in the implementation of corporate information systems.

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