maplestory hero or dark knight 2020

I played Hero and liked it a lot. Hero was really fun for me in LAB while paladin was really boring, Id go for hero, he is also really strong dps wise. 5th job onwards, with the addition of deadly combo fault and burning soul blade, enhanced raging blow for mobbing can be maintained at approximately 70 to 85% uptime. Check out this reference guide. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. To top that off Dark Knight have the second to highest DPS, right below Zero, because of Sacrifice + Gungnir’s Descent. Here are some potions you should keep in mind when training for bossing: Curious about leeching? ), Very high base HP thanks to Improving Max HP Increase, If you decide to max HP on a Hero, it's the most tank class in game next to a max HP Shadower only much, much cheaper, Easiest and arguably the best bossing class in the game, Most end game bosses have more than one target where Heroes can feast and beast over, usually doing the most DPS out of any class, Can survive all touch and magic damage from any monster thanks to Power Guard and Achillies, Just hold Brandish and you're doing optimal damage with almost no effort, Able to tank all bosses with just a few HP washes, Popular end game weapons are plentiful and relatively cheap to make and purchase thanks to the popularity of Heroes, There are a lot of Heroes in the server so there's bound to be a lot of decent and even perfect weapons on sale at all times, End game weapons can either be crafted or obtained from popular Gachapon locations, Accuracy can be an issue if you're unfunded and around mid level, This can be mitigated with potions and various equips that give you accuracy, Dex and Luk, Training from first to early fourth job revolves around Slash Blast, a first job skill, Heroes have many skills that are not worth investing and can even hinder you, Scrolling your own end game weapon may leave you with a bad investment, The most common near perfect weapons for sale usually are Stonetooth Swords which is a very common end game weapon for Heroes. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. Paladins are tanky, so they are relatively easier to boss. What would be the ideal class for me to be to boss with? 4th job gets better with cry vahalla but its long cooldown and short uptime makes it quite bad. 175 – 190: Advanced Knight B, C, D at Knight’s Chamber 2-5 Discussion in 'Class Guides' started by Plenty, Mar 19, 2016. Whats the math Plenty? How many washes is that? Pally is all bout the memes of being basically unkillable while not doing much dmg to bosses unless ridiculously funded despite the high skill dmg %. As a Hero, you'll want either a nice clean Str or Dex Maple Leaf. They spam mainly 1 skill for both bossing and mobbing - raging blow (toggle enrage for 1v1). How do you calculate ? Another amazing bossing class in the global version of Maplestory is Hero, who is a warrior of the explorer branch. Aoe skills wise they have dark synthesis, dark spear and beholder's impact. imo paladin is the way to go, especially if you can fund it to do decent damage. A Maple Leaf can have one of either Str, Dex, Int or Luk clean with 7 slots. For aoe skills, they have shout, rage uprising and deadly combo fault. But i didnt like the mobbing or the bossing, New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, The official Reddit community for the MMORPG MapleStory, Press J to jump to the feed. You mentioned future status, would you know approximately how much into the future before the changes? 748 mp. Been top 1 dpser for ages in gms because of green pot, also getting the best/coolest 3rd 5th job skill out of them. Are they about the same? I've only made a DrK and pally, but I'd say pally has better mobbing out of the 2, whereas DrK is a better bosser. What makes Hero such a good bossing class is the way attack speed works in GMS. 30 as a Warrior, talk to Dances with Balrog to accept a quest called "Way of the Spearman". of the three, it has party support, lots of damage reduction and even spammable self heal (it's weaker if you spam it, but it can def save you). Try and get yourself one already scrolled to save yourself some money, Most of the time, you'll be relying on Silver Mane for optimal speed when grinding during the end game, MAX = (Primary Stat + Secondary Stat) * Weapon Attack / 100, MIN = (Primary Stat * 0.9 * Skill Mastery + Secondary Stat) * Weapon Attack / 100. The leading hero in the group D is Bishop. pally destroys hero/drk at mobbing, very low damage due to balance (has the best self utilities in the game) and does support too. Bossing wise, they can make more mistakes like accidentally getting hit by cvell's tail and stuff. Heros can use 1h, 2h swords and 2h axes. Warriors : Hero, Dark Knight, Paladin. He is considered to be the weakest character. 20 base Int until 120 will get you 59 washes. Dark knights on the other hand has a reincarnation skill to help with bursting during bosses. The spinning hammers thing is cool too. Anyone with better mobbing, bossing? Paladin - decent bossers, dont get punished at many bosses. They have only 1 defensive/iframe skill - deadly combo fault. 150 – 165: Dark Wyvern at Wyvern Canyon and Entrance to Dragon Nest. Drk if you want to have busted clean range and being immortal at the same time. So if you use 40 base till 120, will you get 118 resets wich will get you 6,372~? Paladins do come out on top afterwards because they have higher resistance and can have a more steady DPM. Mobbing wise they do pretty wise from 1st till 5th job. Drk utility and damage make it 9.5/10, hero … Mobbing wise, they are pretty bad from 1st to 4th job. Cookies help us deliver our Services. Hoyoung Class Guide – MapleStory 2020 Reboot. I just had 19 sp pumped into it and lmao i didn't see your 'warning'. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, The official Reddit community for the MMORPG MapleStory, Press J to jump to the feed. Breaking the seduce with Hero's Will before you hit it is very important to surviving through a run so that's the only thing I would suggest differently about the skill set. Though by pure mathematical speculation and no interruptions Dark Knight > Hero > Paladin. Mobbing wise, they are pretty decent from 1st to 5th job. Or just any differences between the 3 i would greatly appreciate. I'm currently a 177 Dark knight, and I mostly go on to play for bossing daily and log back out; I grind a little, but I mostly boss and want to know: is hero or paladin better at bossing? You might want to go Hero just because of the weapon versatility. Will just slow down training a bit before then,,,, (You must log in or sign up to reply here. If you're going for fafnir weapon, then the coin system will make these weapons have the same rate of obtain. Bossing wise they have high dps with iframe skills so its not that squishy tbh.

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