series 24 vs 9/10

Lines and paragraphs break automatically. Why is it so challenging ? A possible solution for me is to buy a second set of study materials. I then used Kaplan's sample tests. I can't even find the answers or subject material in my books and I'm searching thru Finra's site trying to find answers. This seems to be a unanimous yes. I believe that if you can pass the Series 7, you can pass the Series 24. 67%. Man!!! My final score was a 67%. The Series 7 exam, IMHo showed me that STC far out did Kaplan  and Empire more specifically. YOU CAN ONLY OVERSEE SALES WITH A 9/10 (OR IF YOU ARE OLD SCHOOL THE 8 WHICH WAS THE 9/10 COMBINED)And finally...Is there really a prerequisite that one must hold the 7 for three years before sitting for 9/10? Does anybody know how they make the manual? It is difficult to say precisely how many questions I did not recognize, because I wasn't keeping track: I focused on answering the questions and passing the test. Privacy Policy | Terms of Service. If anyone passed the 24 recently and used their stuff email me and give me your best deal. I don’t know but think if someone who had no idea about investing saw that. I just took my series 24 for the second time and got a 68, 2 points short of passing. I had an interesting experience. Maybe. GL, Keep trying and you'll pass... My experience was very similar to those above. As vero stated at least 20 questions were not related to anything in the STC manual. Series 24 General Securities Principal. With the recent merger of regulators, does anyone know the true answer? We’re with you every step of the way, from the time you purchase until the time you pass our trusted experts are here to answer all of your questions! [url=]NYC Asian Escort[/url] These events aren't, listed on your Timeline, but they can be. Series 4 Registered Options Principal. The Series 9, a component of the 9/10 (formerly the 8) allows you to act as a General Securities Sales Supervisor, responsible for supervising options transactions within a branch office.If you obtain the Series 10, does holding the 4 exempt you from sitting for the Series 9 exam? Those are the FINRA categories. I'm taking the test next month and need all the help I can get. My firm says no. I don’t think the material is that hard…just dry as sawdust. This is not a stand-alone exam and candidates must be aware of the required prerequisites before they register for the Series 24. Obviously I was wrong to feel so. The Kaplan tests force you to look at more aspects of a question which was very helpful when I took my 24 for the third time. To add a status update, photo, [url=]New York Escort[/url]place check-in, or life event to your Timeline, [url=]NYC Escort[/url]simply hover the mouse over the line in the center of the page until it turns into a plus. I did worse. Problem is there were 21 ?s that I have never ever heard of. The point is that we all know that we seem to get stuck very close to the pass score. I worked so hard on it the second time, I am not sure what I can do to change the result. From what I've read the Kaplan and STC materials are awful. It would be pretty funny. It is agreed that the Series 4 is the "Registered Options Principal" registration, which allows you to act as a CROP or SROP; basically overseeing options regulations for an entire firm.

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