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This is true not only in terms of public-health measures, but also in terms of the language used to describe the disease and its consequences. Always focus on the learning on sentences with “had the temerity to“ We believe you will easily learn to write and use the word “had the temerity to” in a sentence. A 523 error means that Cloudflare could not reach your host web server. 29- Would you believe he had the temerity to suggest that this house is too large for one person? Webster’s New World College Dictionary, 4th Edition. Check your DNS Settings. temerity in a sentence - Use "temerity" in a sentence 1. 34- At Highlands, readers named Mushroom, Thunderbowl, temerity , Moment of Truth and others. In 1968 the USSR invaded Czechoslovakia because they had the "temerity" in wanting to be independent of the Russian's influence. How to use temerity in a sentence. 6- A scientist who had the temerity to ask at Philadelphia for one was severely reproved. You may have an easier time writing sentences with temerity if you know what words are likely to come before or after it, or simply what words are often found in the same sentence. 4. Cloudflare Ray ID: 5f0ff0cdd90615f4 He now bitterly regretted his temerity in braving the danger. Download our English Dictionary apps - available for both iOS and Android. Then the mayor had the temerity to complain about the accommodations. It beggars the term "temerity" that one such newspaper patronisingly refers to the New Nation as more of a "propaganda organ" than a newspaper when we recall how that very newspaper shamelessly cheered the murderous death squads of the NP that tried to assassinate Albie Sachs, now a Constitutional Court judge!! He now bitterly regretted his temerity in braving the danger. As we proceeded the Confederates gained confidence, probably on account of the reputation with which its new commander had been heralded, and on the third day's march had the temerity to annoy my rear guard considerably. Words that aren't necessarily predecessors or successors, but are often found in the same sentence. At the time -- and in the 68 years since the raid -- the British government consistently refused to apologize for the fact that their Special Operations Executive had had the temerity to give their undercover operatives passports that bore the names of unrelated living people! 125. 2- He had the temerity to call me a liar! : 2. Last 100 years But none had the temerity to follow him. How can temerity be used in a sentence? And of course it makes me nuts to hear almost all of our media following the government's lead and refer to those from Afghanistan who are not thrilled with the presence of an invading army "us" yet "we" have the temerity to call "them" (the people who live there) "insurgents.". excessive confidence or boldness; audacity.Examples of temerity in a sentence. 36- One or two back benchers had had the temerity to chance their arms and had been severely dealt with. He actually had the temerity to tell her to lose weight. Copyright © 2010 by temerity. She actually found a Christmas gift for Cameron, although she was not certain that she had the temerity to present it to him. Joly de Fleury and DOrmesson, Neckers successors, pushed their narrow spirit of reaction and the temerity of their inexperience to the furthest limit; but the reaction which reinforced the privileged classes was not sufficient to fill the coffers of the treasury, and Marie Antoinette, who seemed gifted with a fatal perversity of instinct, confided the finances of the kingdom to Calonne, an upper-class official and a veritable Cagliostro of finance. • temerity in a sentence - Use "temerity" in a sentence 1. Temerity sentence examples. Over the last several months, when factories, offices, restaurants and other places of social gathering have been (intermittently) shut, people’s creativity has taken all sorts of unexpected directions. Danton, no doubt, was abler than most of the others, yet the timidity or temerity with which he allowed himself to be vanquished by Robespierre showed that even he was not a man of commanding quality. 32- I do not have the temerity to suggest a solution when no one else has been able to. 12- And he had the temerity to say this in front of the women present . 20- Pity the poor man who had the temerity to utter the words “legitimate rape” recently. Most runners do n't have the temerity to enter the Reebok Cross Country at Cardiff Castle, let alone dress for the occasion. You can practice spelling and usage of the word by getting 10 examples of sentences with “temerity”. Sentence with the word temerity. Unreasonable contempt of danger; extreme venturesomeness; rashness; as, the temerity of a commander in war. 21- She felt herself growing hot at her own temerity , but Mrs Carson showed very little surprise. When she had the temerity to sign on as host of a late night show on Fox, she was fired as Carson's permanent substitute host and, she reported, he never again spoke to her. We were shocked Ann Marie had the temerity to challenge our teacher’s authority in class. temerity (noun) - extreme venturesomeness; rashness; recklessness. Most Democrats have come to understand that they can't run on ObamaCare, but few have the temerity of Ron Wyden. Because they feel their doctors are more educated than they are, most patients do not have the temerity to challenge their medical diagnosis. Source null; He has the temerity to claim that this will actually create jobs. Amaze your friends with your new-found knowledge! Her temerity frightened her. You can practice spelling and usage of the word by getting 10 examples of sentences with “had the temerity to”. 1. 65. 11- Everyone treats me with the temerity usually afforded to expectant fathers and potential Messiahs. 9- That’s a bit more temerity than had been expected from our long-lost relatives. Temerity pronunciation. 46. 7- One constable had the temerity to state that we had had nothing to eat since 9.30 a.m. 8- With some temerity, therefore, it seems necessary to make at least a few observations. She even persists in these things, and is honestly horrified at what she calls the temerity of going without them. General Pierce was as distinguished for what we must term his temerity in personal exposure, as for the higher traits of leadership, wherever there was an opportunity for their display. This website focus on english words and example sentences, so everyone can learn how to use them. Above all, she has a breathtaking fearlessness, and the talent to back up her temerity. : He bitterly rebuked them for having the temerity to come crawling to him for a loan after publicly disdaining him. 3- He had the temerity to suggest I resign. X in defence of his actions. 20 examples of simple sentences of “temerity“We tried to find and publish the the words with Simple Sentences of “temerity“ Compound Sentences with “temerity” Complex Sentences with “temerity”Compound-Complex Sentences with “temerity, Simple Present Tense Positive Fill in the blanks Exercise No:14. The few recent dramas that tentatively suggested the world outside our wartime shell have been critically savaged for having had the temerity to address big questions. 44. He had the temerity to take the opportunity to be a Rhodes Scholar and forego his senior year at college. The most common cause is that your DNS settings are incorrect. 23- Temple of temerity was reverted to a level 58 dungeon with the more recent K-Tera synchronization patch. Your IP: Lee had two surgeons in his corps, Irvine and Skinner; Irvine was apt to expose himself to danger, but Skinner, although he had on one occasion killed his adversary in a duel, was a coward; and the method he now took to punish Irvine for what he called his temerity, was not to dress his wounds until the last. She even persists in these things, and is honestly horrified at what she calls the temerity of going without them. 2. 28- If the previous costumes had been at all adequate the present translator might well be charged with temerity . Our new online dictionaries for schools provide a safe and appropriate environment for children.

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