universities with best parental leave policies

About 60% of institutions have some form of paid parental leave for new mothers or fathers. Portion of Parental Leave Not Covered by Leave Accruals. The University will discontinue its share of premiums for an employee's insurance during the time that an employee is on leave without pay. (New York Times, Inside HigherEd), we recently collected the paid 1 parental leave policies for tenure-track faculty 2 at 205 research universities in the US and Canada. A university-level measure of prestige, rather than a field-specific measure, may provide more useful insights. The relationship between an institution’s prestige and its leave policies is complex and will require careful analysis. The supervisor must review and approve the leave, verify that the employee has accurately recorded the leave, and sign the appropriate time report. Toyota Technical Institute). Additional Considerations Regarding Parental Leave. The Paid Parental Leave may be taken continuously, intermittently, or on a reduced schedule basis. This stoppage is automatic and will always be granted upon OFA’s receipt of notification. First, it would be useful to know when policies were adopted and potentially how they changed over time. For universities with paid leave policies, the average duration is 14.2 weeks for women and 11.6 weeks for men. Health Insurance: During an employee's parental leave, the University will maintain health insurance and other group health benefits on the same conditions as if the employee was working subject to applicable plan documents and law. For instance, how does the size of an institution’s endowment translate into benefits for individual faculty? If the employee becomes eligible during the parental leave for family and medical leave, then the employee will be placed on family and medical leave for the remainder of the leave. ), Sick leave may be used in conjunction with parental leave only in accordance with the sick leave policy. Inferring such causal effects from our dataset will require it to be extended in one of several possible ways. The University of Texas at Austin provides up to twelve (12) weeks of unpaid parental leave for those employees who are ineligible for family and medical leave coverage for the birth of a natural child or for the adoption or foster care placement of children under three (3) years of age. For the companies included in this sample, parental leave policies for men appear to be slightly more generous than those in academia. The Boulder campus will provide the first six weeks of paid parental leave, prorated for percent of time if appointment is less than 100%, to eligible employees. Employee Responsibilities. For each university, we Googled “[university name] faculty parental leave policy” or “[university name] faculty handbook” and recorded the institution’s policy for female and male faculty separately, noting the duration of paid leave and form of relief granted, if stated (e.g. But, the modest size and surely biased nature of data on paid parental leave policies at tech companies makes it difficult to draw firm conclusions. Princeton’s leave and workload relief policies). Inspired in part by a study of university parental leave policies by Antecol et al. For Assistance: Questions regarding parental leave should be directed to Human Resources, Benefit Services Section, or to the website: http://www.utexas.edu/hr/. Employees are required to use all accrued and available annual leave, floating holiday, and sick leave when applicable, while taking parental leave. In order to improve the recruitment and retention of faculty and staff, Boulder campus will extend the paid parental leave provided in APS 5062.

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