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His Primarch was not whom he appeared to be. His suspicions were further confirmed when he witnessed Fulgrim employing powerful psychic abilities in open combat against a Warhound-class Titan of the Mechanicum during the IIIrd Legion's assault on Prismatica V. Lucius continued to receive the strange dreams in his sleep, and began to follow the threads implanted by these prescient visions. ", Lucius the Eternal, Lord Commander of the Emperor's Children Traitor Legion, wielding the Lash of Torment and the Blade of the Laer, Lucius the Eternal is the Champion of the Chaos God Slaanesh and a Lord Commander of the Emperor's Children Traitor Legion. A stab of the power spear took a finger from Lucius' sword hand. Lucius came to resent Tarvitz's role in their success against the enemy and the respect he commanded from the other Loyalist Astartes. During the last round of the Golden Sword, there was a disruption in the tourney lists, and the young swordsman found himself fighting against a famed champion twice his age. The Lord Commander intended to teach the preening champion his place and cement his own position as Fulgrim's favoured son in the process. Lucius would later take part in the joint expedition comprised of both the Emperor's Children and the Iron Warriors Traitor Legions into the Eye of Terror to seek out the forbidden xenos weapon known as the Angel Exterminatus. By the time the Emperor's Children had been seduced by Horus' rebellion, Lucius had cut deep lines across his face, head and chest, linking his scars in a maze of irregular patterns that distorted and deformed his features. First amongst them was the Primarch Fulgrim. Though Lucius' blade was sharp as a razor, it could not penetrate Cyrius's ornate battle plate, and for his part the swordsman was wearing little more than a sleeved tunic. His sponsored studies gravitated towards the arts of war, for the business of killing held a fascination for him. His concerns grew even more when he noticed Fulgrim's lack of brotherly-camaraderie and observance of Legion rituals and tradition. Since that day, Lucius has borne a peculiar blessing from his patron, Slaanesh. He would throw himself into any fight without hesitation and inevitably come out the victor. A glorious golden frame held the canvas trapped within its embrace, and the wondrous perfection of the painting was truly breathtaking. Content that his favoured sons had learned from the experience, the Primarch did not punish them for their transgressions, for he was not the daemon-possessed shell of the Phoenix as he had allowed his Astartes to believe, but the man himself. Whenever he fought in these contests, Lucius truly excelled. ISBN 1-84154-210-5. All that remains of his killer will be a screaming face trapped forever in the fleshy panels of his twisted battle plate. Lucius' descent into the clutches of Chaos only deepened during the Istvaan III Atrocity after Horus betrayed the Loyalists within his own Traitor Legions to cleanse his troops of any who remained beholden to the will of the Emperor of Mankind. He was rewarded with command of the 13th Company. Lucius the Eternal - The Soulthief and Chaos Champion of Slaanesh. Grinning a mirthless smile, he pounded Lucius into the scarlet sands of the arena until there was nothing left but a red ruin of broken bone. Many months passed without Lucius taking a single backward step. As the machinations of Horus were revealed, the Emperor's Children began their fall from grace. Slaanesh was loath to let such a promising protégé slip into oblivion. The counsel of his fellow Emperor's Children Captain and friend, the level-headed Saul Tarvitz of the IIIrd Legion's 10th Company, helped Lucius see his own flaws for what they were. Though his confidence and supreme skill might have earned the enmity of mortal men, his brothers in the Emperor's Children sang his praises in all honesty. Some swore that Cyrius' shrieks changed in tone, becoming ever more like maniacal laughter. The daemon-Fulgrim had sensed the burgeoning Warp touch upon the swordsman and had presented him with the silver daemonblade within which the Laer had originally bound a fragment of the daemon's essence, as he now wielded the far more potent Kinebrach Anathame, a gift from Horus. But what truly aroused Lucius' suspicions was the realisation that Fulgrim's swordsmanship was suddenly inferior to his own superlative skills. Then the Raven Guard was at Lucius's back, pushing him to his knees, blades pressed down through his gorget into the hollows either side of his neck. In reality, Lucius had met a Slaanesh-corrupted Remembrancer and painter who accompanied the 28th Expeditionary Fleet named Serena d'Angelus. Though he had granted a thousand scars, he had yet to earn even a single sword-kiss in return. Note: all the following stories also appear inside of … While competing in the yearly contest held by the Elders of Chemos, Lucius' impeccable swordsmanship caught the eye of a hulking stranger who watched from the shadows. Les dieux seront bientôt parmi vous avec la Wootbox du mois de Novembre ! He further challenged their egos and stroked their vanity, tempting them into boldly capturing their Primarch. Copyright © 1997-2020 Webedia. https://warhammer40k.fandom.com/wiki/Lucius_the_Eternal?oldid=315329. But Fulgrim had lied to his brother Primarch Perturabo, for in reality the reason they had come to the Crone World was so that the Emperor's Children Primarch could achieve apotheosis and become a Daemon Prince. A frown of concentration on his boyish face, he then proceeded to take his opponent apart, limb by limb and vein by gushing vein. In the Lord Commander's fate they saw the hand of Slaanesh at work. Many millennia ago, Lucius was a proud Space Marine of the Emperor's Children Legion, following his Primarch, Fulgrim, across the galaxy in the name of the Emperor. Eternal War (Comic Anthology) From Warhammer 40k - Lexicanum. Warhammer 40.000 : Eternal Crusade sur PC est un MMORPG jouable à la troisième personne. Whoever slays him and takes even a moment of satisfaction from the act will find themselves transforming, slowly and painfully, into Lucius. Cover of Eternal War by Paul Dainton. Fulgrim announced that he intended to go further than anyone in the realms of sensual experience, intent on pushing the boundaries of reality to the extreme. The destination of the joint fleet of Iron Warriors and Emperor's Children vessels was the lost Eldar world of Iydris, a world said to have been favoured by the goddess Lileath. Through his skilled oratory, the swordsman was able to persuade his mercurial brothers that the Primarch was not himself. After the Heresy, Lucius was primarily motivated by the pursuit of true challenges in combat and came to equate pain with success, delighting in the thrill of battle. The firelight of the legendary bird shone upon his armour, each polished plate seeming to shimmer with the heat of the fire, his hair a cascade of gold. Against his tutors, however, he fought like a man possessed, every iota of his being focused upon victory. Following the events that occurred in the Eye of Terror, Lucius continued to distinguish himself in the arts of war as his Legion traced the downward spiral of Chaos worship. But Sharrowkyn's blades stabbed down behind Lucius's collarbone, tearing through both his hearts and lungs, severing arteries and wreaking catastrophic damage that not even a Space Marine's post-human physiology could undo. He then held the severed head of the slain Eidolon over the opened casks of victory wine, the viscous blood dripping from the grisly trophy and mixing with the potent drink which was then shared amongst the senior members of the IIIrd Legion's inner circle. Lucius was once again confronted by Nykona Sharrowkyn, a surviving battle-brother of the Raven Guard Legion. Presumably, it was the daemon that had been sending Lucius the dark dreams in order to attempt to free itself from its prison. Sometimes the tip of Lucius' blade sank as far as a finger’s width into his flesh, or carved a line into the skull beneath his close-shaven scalp. Welcome to Warhammer 40k - Lexicanum! So began the military career of a young warrior who would eventually come to define everything that was evil and twisted in the Emperor's Children. Winded, Lucius reeled and stumbled out of his foe's reach long enough to recover his breath. Enhanced beyond mortal bounds by the blessings of the Space Marineinduction process, Lucius became ever more skilled in the arts of the blade. The Lord Commander was every bit as fast as his chosen foe. All that remained of his executioner was a screaming, writhing face, subsumed for eternity into Lucius' armour. Fulgrim willingly submitted himself to his tormentors' ministrations, and continuously spoke of his perceptions of reality, events that were currently taking place in the galaxy as Chaos grew in power and the envisioned path for his Legion. These were initially qualities that he recognised as flaws and hoped to overcome with the aid of his friend Saul Tarvitz. As he grew older, Lucius redefined the term prodigy. Whether such a being exists in an uncaring universe, only Slaanesh knows, and the secrets of the gods are not meant to be shared. He intends to hunt down the best melee fighters in the galaxy and beat them in one-on-one combat or die in the attempt. His grandstanding was such that it eventually drove the silver-maned Lord Commander Cyrius to action. Quicker than the mind's eye could follow, the Primarch withdrew the Anathame from its scabbard and slew his once-favoured son. This is where the Emperor's Children had truly fallen to the corrupting influence of Slaanesh, awakened by the operatic symphony known as the Maraviglia. Lucius now stalks the galaxy as an arrogant slaughterer who can never truly be killed. Lucius leapt at the opportunity. He is a pitiless and sadistic killer who welcomes death with as much passion as he inflicts it upon his foes, and he can only truly be slain by one who has nothing but mercy in his -- or her -- soul. The story in the game is written by best-selling Warhammer 40,000 author Graham McNeill and Narrative Designer Ivan Mulkeen who will help develop the different factions in the game. The lost world was located at the heart of the Eye of Terror, somehow remaining in a fixed position keeping it from destruction in the gravitational hellstorm of a supermassive black hole that lay at the centre of the eternal Warp Storm. His screams were a source of great interest to his fellow Emperor's Children, but none came to his aid. Lucius is also known as the "Soulthief," "Fulgrim's Champion," "Blade of Aeons," and the "Scion of Chemos.". His master Slaanesh was evidently loath to let such an entertaining protege fall from the mortal coil for long. The reasons recorded for this disfigurement have varied. Lucius, whose face was no longer unblemished after facing Garviel Loken in the training cages, understood better than anyone that his appearance would never be flawless again, and so scarred his face without remorse. The network of scars he had carved into his flesh became more and more pronounced, reflecting a dangerous masochism that had taken hold of his soul. Contemplating upon the change in his lord, Lucius was inspired to investigate further after receiving a series of dark dreams concerning the painting of the Primarch that hang in La Fenice, which had been cordoned off and sealed by a detachment of the Phoenix Guard after the Maraviglia had worked its corrupting influence upon the Legion.

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